Insight Into the Life of Up-and-Coming Musician, J Bert

Music will go on forever as it adds color to the essence of life. With each passing day, the craze of producing good music is getting to people’s heads, and they are emerging with unique pieces that leave admirers stunned. One such individual is Amon Derrick Kissi Jr, born on April 22, 1998, but is better known by his stage name, J Bert. 

His early years were spent in Dallas, Texas, in the United States of America; however, his grandparents spoke French, and as a result, he is also fluent in that language. After his parents got a divorce, he had to move to France with his uncle when he was only six years old. This was just one of the many challenges throughout his childhood. 

J Bert’s Music Taste 

As soon as he started exploring his likes and interests, J Bert discovered that he had a particular fondness for music as it helped him forget his worries and would take him into this new realm of creativity. 

Soon, he developed a liking for hip-hop through listening to artists such as Sexion d’Assaut, Jay-Z, 2Pac, Notorious B.I.G., and 50 Cent. After some time, he felt a transition in his music taste and started enjoying Drake and Future. 

J Bert’s Albums 

J Bert presented the world with his first studio album on October 3, 2018. This one was given the name “The Kairos.” One of the songs, “Stump It,” was co-produced by him, and rising musician Detty K was included in his second album, Vision, which was released on February 7, 2019. 

The week that followed Vision’s release was the high point of J Bert’s career. It didn’t take long for the song to gain widespread popularity, and it was enjoyed worldwide. In addition, shortly after “Stump it” was made available on streaming sites like Apple Music and Spotify, the song quickly ascended to the top of the digital charts in a total of 48 countries. 

J Bert announced the release of his third studio album on December 28, 2020, and named it “Eighty-Eight.” This one was met with enthusiastic support from the audience as well. 

Bert Music Record Label

The idea that led to the establishment of Bert Music was to serve as a resource for aspiring young musicians working in the entertainment industry who lacked the knowledge necessary to further their music careers successfully. As J Bert says, “The primary mission of the Bert Music record company is to foster the careers of aspiring musicians by providing them with a platform from which they can perform and disseminate their music to the rest of the world.” 

J. Bert also published his album named “What’s Next” on October 15, 2021, through Bert Music. It rose to prominence among music enthusiasts almost immediately after its initial release. The Dallas rapper’s song “Love Her” is also responsible for the tremendous accolades he has received. Without a doubt, Bert Music is the magic wand every aspiring musician and artist needs, especially in the struggling years of their lives. 

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