J Bert – Destined for Greatness the Moment He Stepped Into the Industry 

Music, considered an everlasting form of art, is cherished by listeners of all ages and backgrounds. You will never find a person who doesn’t like to listen to their favorite genre of music in their leisure time. This fact explains why there appears to be a growing number of artists, singers, and rappers with each passing day, especially in the 21st century. People are finding joy in having a career in music, and one such example is J Bert, an American/French singer, rapper, songwriter, and musician making waves in the music industry with his excellent skills. 

Amon Derrick Kissi Jr was born on April 22, 1998, and is better known by his stage name, J Bert. The early few years of his life were not very pleasant as he had to go through his parent’s divorce, and as a result, he was relocated to his uncle’s place in France. As he got older, he developed a taste for music and began listening to artists such as Sexion d’Assaut, Jay-Z, 2Pac, Notorious B.I.G., and 50 Cent. After a few years, he noticed a shift in his music preferences and started listening to Drake and Future.

It was not very long ago when J Bert made his debut as a recording artist on October 3, 2018, with the release of his album “The Kairos,” His second album, “Vision,” had a song “Stump It,” that was co-produced by him. Rising musician Detty K. This song blew up, and there was a sharp rise in J Bert’s popularity. In several days, this song had millions of views on various social media platforms and led to the creation of entertaining memes. When “Stump it” was uploaded to Apple Music and Spotify, it quickly rose to the top of the song charts in a total of 48 countries all around the world. This was huge for J Bert’s music career. Soon after that, on December 28, 2020, he released another masterpiece titled “Eighty-Eight” and garnered much attention and praise from his fans. 

His debut in the Apple and Spotify top 100 is set for 2022, a remarkable accomplishment for a musician. J Bert has been consistently releasing new music under the “Bert Music” label since the beginning of the year. Right now, he’s worth just over a hundred thousand dollars. He rides in a BMW X6, which, at today’s prices, is worth well over $40,000. Also, J Bert was a featured performer at the Afrimma Awards in Dallas, Texas.

J Bert also started his record label firm with the name “Bert Music” to assist aspiring musicians in the entertainment industry and help them navigate through the struggles they might be facing due to a lack of funds, guidance, or direction. The Bert Music record’s primary mission is to foster musicians’ careers by providing them with a platform from which they may perform and distribute their music to the rest of the world. 

On October 15, 2021, J. Bert released his album titled “What’s Next,” It didn’t take very long for it to receive love and support from music enthusiasts. The Dallas rapper’s song “Love Her” was also a hit and helped him climb his ladder of success. 

You can follow J Bert by clicking and visiting any of his social links mentioned below:

Instagram: @JBertOfficial
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SoundCloud: @JBertOfficial
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Apple Music: @JBert

Amazon Music: @JBert

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